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Commercial Real Estate Leasing

At first glance, leasing commercial real estate seems like a walk in the park, as it merely involves deciding on a commercial space to lease, negotiating the cost and terms, signing the lease agreement, and moving into the space. Completely understanding a commercial lease requires complete attention to detail. Some of the things that must be done include conducting proper research, including vetting the landlord; researching and understanding zoning laws; getting a general feel for the location; understanding and or creating a payment structure; fully understanding your risk exposure and the transfer structure, to name a few. On top of all that, you will need to completely understand all the legal jargon involved. Making a mistake on any of these could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Where do you go to find someone, you can trust to provide you with advice on all these matters? Calvin Law Firm has years of experience and will give you proper advice on what to know before signing your commercial lease, the various clauses you may come across, and assist you in negotiating lease agreements. Most people forget to ask questions like Who will be responsible for paying property taxes and insurance—you or the landlord? Who will pay for utilities? Who will cover the maintenance expenses? Our experienced professional lawyers will help you know exactly what kind of commercial lease you are signing. We guide you through every step of making your lease agreement flawless. And not to forget that regular commercial lease practices vary by state. To assist you, our counsel is completely knowledgeable in various state laws.

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