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Commercial Real Estate Selling

Selling commercial properties requires some level of skillfulness. Whether you’re the owner looking to sell your property by yourself or an agent looking to find investors on behalf of a client, having an experienced attorney to put you through the process is a step in the right direction. Regardless of the method you choose whether working with a commercial real estate broker, showcasing your property on commercial or FSBO listing websites, or breaking down off-market data to identify likely purchasers and connect with them directly, your goal as a seller is typically to sell your property for the highest return on investment, to the most qualified buyer, with the best path to closing. By entering into a proper representation agreement with our team, you will get higher returns and benefit from the competitive market.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling the sale of commercial real estate, including raw land, developable land, and finished lots; they further help in the financial analysis of your investment property and the proposed pricing and marketing strategy. Our attorneys demonstrate a relationship-based approach that seeks to put the client’s long-term interests first instead of being transaction-driven. They advise on the specific product type and market, the many owners and investors, and their acquisition requirements and transaction history. Our professional attorneys serve in an advisory role throughout the process and ultimately manage the transaction through all stages to closing. We work to protect your interests at every step and ensure you get the best deal possible.

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